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 本文摘要:Home medical devices, as opposed to fitness products like activity-measuring wrist bands, have too often been stuck in the past, even as smartphones have zoomed ahead on hardware and software.即便智能手机的软硬件飞速提高,但和运动监测腕带等健美类产品的进展比起,家庭医疗类设备却一直逗留


Home medical devices, as opposed to fitness products like activity-measuring wrist bands, have too often been stuck in the past, even as smartphones have zoomed ahead on hardware and software.即便智能手机的软硬件飞速提高,但和运动监测腕带等健美类产品的进展比起,家庭医疗类设备却一直逗留在过去。A prime example is the device used by diabetics, a small gadget called a glucometer that analyzes a tiny drop of blood. Diabetics usually use these several times daily to determine the levels of glucose in their blood and make decisions on diet, exercise and medication.一个最差的例子是糖尿病患者用于的取名为“血糖仪”的小仪器。它通过部分液血液来分析(血糖浓度)。

糖尿病患者一般来说每天必须数次用于这个仪器,检测他们血液中的血糖水平,以便要求饮食、磨练和用药。Most glucometers use ancient technology that provides only a snapshot of information. And most lack wireless connections for easily transmitting readings to digital devices for more sophisticated analysis or for sharing the data with a doctor. Many diabetics still log their results using pen and paper.大多数血糖仪都用于古老技术,不能获取一小部分信息。而且多数都没无线连接功能,无法便利地将数值传遍数字设备用作更为仪器的分析,或是与医生分享数据。

很多糖尿病患者还是依赖纸和笔来记录结果。Ive been reviewing two diabetes meters that aim to change that. Both are able to instantly send results to a smartphone over a Bluetooth wireless connection. Each offers an app that collects and analyzes the readings, and gives a picture of how their users are doing over time. Both apps can also send reports from the phone to a doctor or other person.我仍然在测试两款致力于转变这一状况的糖尿病仪器。


这两款应用于都可以从手机将报告发送给医生或其他人。One is the iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System, and comes from a company of the same name that also makes other products that aim to provide a collection of digital sensors for health measurement. Its more of a tech company than a standard medical-device company.其中一款叫iHealth无线智能血糖监测系统(Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System),是同名公司研发的;他们还生产其他产品,致力于获取一系列身体健康涉及的数字化传感设备。比起标准的医疗设备公司,他们更加看起来一家科技公司。The other is the OneTouch VerioSync Meter and comes from LifeScan Inc., a Johnson Johnson company that is a leader in the glucose-monitoring business.另一款则是OneTouch VerioSync Meter,研发商LifeScan Inc.是血糖监测领域领先者杜邦公司(Johnson Johnson)的旗下子公司。

Ive been testing both products for a few days, and both work as advertised. Both are FDA approved, though they operate a bit differently, and their companion apps are different.我测试两款设备都有些日子了,它们功能都如广告完全一致。两款设备都获得了美国食品与药品监督管理局(FDA)的批准后,但它们用于一起有所不同,设施应用于也不一样。

The iHealth meter is available now, while the LifeScan product is set to come out early next year.iHealth血糖仪现在早已上市,而LifeScan的产品初定明年年初发售。I can recommend either for diabetics whod like to know more at a glance, and tie their most important health-tracking device into their sophisticated phones.两款产品我都可以引荐给糖尿病患者,给那些期望一次理解更加多信息,并将他们尤为最重要的身体健康监测设备与先进设备的手机连接起来的患者。One caveat: These two new meters are only partial steps toward improving diabetes care. Users will still need to prick their fingers multiple times daily to get those drops of blood. And both use disposable test strips, which can cost $1 or more apiece, before insurance.必须警告的是:这两款新的血糖仪对提高糖尿病患者护理都不能说道有所变革。

用户依然必须每天数次刺穿手指验血。这两款仪器都用于了重复使用试纸,医保不开销的情况下每次成本要1美元或更加多。The VerioSync looks like a traditional meter. Its a rectangular white plastic device with a large, black inset screen that presents the glucose reading in large white type. The iHealth device is designed to look much cooler. Its a slender, curvy white device with a blank white surface on which the reading appears in fainter blue type.VerioSync看起来看起来一款传统的血糖仪。

这是一款白色长方形塑料设备,具有一块大的黑色嵌入屏幕,以极大的白色字体表明血糖数据。而iHealth的外观设计更酷,这是一款具有粗壮弧形外观的白色设备,数值以较淡的蓝色字体表明在白色的表面。LifeScans new meter works only with Apples iOS devices-iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. Its expected to cost $20 at launch, and $30 thereafter. A box of 25 test strips is expected to cost $40, before insurance.LifeScan的新血糖仪不能与苹果(Apple)的iOS设备相容,如iPhone、iPad以及iPod Touch。


The iHealth meter works with both Apples devices and seven Android phones. It costs $80 for a kit that includes the device, 50 strips, and other accessories. More strips cost $50 for a packet of 50, before insurance.而iHealth的血糖仪则限于于苹果设备以及七款安卓(Android)手机。一套设备售价80美元,还包括设备、50张试纸以及其他配件。

医保不开销的情况下,额外试纸一盒50张,售价50美元。As with any Bluetooth device, like a headset, you have to pair these meters with your phone. I found this easier with the VerioSync. In addition, the VerioSync more easily reconnected with the phone whenever it was in range and I prepared to do a test. The iHealth app always asked me to press a button on the meter to reconnect.和耳机等其他蓝牙设备一样,你必需将这些血糖仪与手机展开筛选。我找到VerioSync的筛选比较简单。



Both meters can be used when out of range of the smartphone to which they are paired. In these cases, the meters save the readings, and then sync them to the phone the next time youre in range. You can also use the free apps without buying the meters, as digital logbooks. But the companies say their apps only sync data wirelessly from their own meters.在离开了所筛选智能手机的蓝牙范围时,两个血糖仪也都可以用于。在这种情况下,血糖仪不会留存数据,等再度转入蓝牙范围内不会实时到手机。

你不必须出售仪器也可以iTunes用于免费的应用于,就像电子日志表格一样。但两家公司都回应,他们的应用于不能从自己的设备上无线实时数据。Traditional meters use small batteries that can last months. A downside of these two Bluetooth meters is that they dont use removable batteries and must be recharged periodically. The meter can last three to four weeks on a charge for a person who tests three times daily, iHealth says. LifeScan says its meter lasts up to two weeks between charges.传统血糖仪用于可以续航数月的小电池。


I found the LifeScan VerioSync app to be richer and easier to understand. At a glance, it shows you a color-coded bar that tells you what percentages of the time youve been in or out of your optimal range of glucose readings for the last 14 days. You can also see your average reading, and other data, quickly. Tapping on these symbols gives more details.我找到LifeScan的VerioSync应用于内容更加非常丰富,也更容易解读。这款应用于不会直观地以一个颜色条来表明过去14天你处在最佳血糖值范围内与范围外的时间比例。

你还可以很快看见自己的平均值数值及其他数据。页面这些图标可以看见更加多细节。Theres also a logbook that shows readings, and patterns of readings, over 14 days, or grouped by time of day. You can manually add readings from other meters, and customize your target ranges, presumably according to what your doctor recommends. You can also email screenshots, or even tables, of results.这款应用于还有一个日志可以表明14天的数据以及数据规律,或是按每天的时间段分组。


The iHealth app is plainer, and more table-based, though it does include a simple graph to show trends. It also lets you manually enter readings and set target ranges. And it allows you to email results, in table or graphic form, or even post them to social networks. One nice addition: iHealths emails include a file that can be opened in a spreadsheet.iHealth的应用于更为非常简单,表格更加多,虽然其中也还包括了一个非常简单的趋势图。这款应用于某种程度可以手动输入数值,原作目标血糖范围。它还可以通过电子邮件发送用表格或图形表明的检测结果,甚至公布到社交网站上去。

此外它还有一个优点:iHealth的电子邮件还包括一个用电子表格关上的附件。A big difference is that, when you are in Bluetooth range, the iHealth app walks you through the test-taking process on the screen of the phone, which I believe could be annoying to an experienced tester. Even in range, the VerioSync app merely receives and integrates the reading.两款应用于有一个显著区别:当你转入蓝牙有效地区域内,iHealth应用于不会引领你在手机屏幕上展开相连测试,我实在这对一个有经验的测试者来说有可能有些烦人。

而即便在蓝牙范围内,VerioSync应用于只不会拒绝接受和拆分检测数值。With iHealth, you also get access to a browser-based cloud dashboard that collects data from all of the companys devices you might own. But I found the glucose portion of this to be pretty rudimentary. And you can still only share results via email, not by giving others permission to access to your cloud account.通过iHealth,你还可以终端一个基于浏览器的云仪表盘,可以从你有可能享有的所有iHealth设备上搜集数据。

但我找到其中的血糖部分变得有点初级。而且你仍然不能通过电子邮件共享检测结果,而不能允许其他人终端你的云账户。Either of these meters could make disease management easier for diabetics with smartphones. But the snails pace of improvement in these devices is maddening.这两款血糖仪都令其糖尿病患者可以更加便利地通过智能手机展开疾病管理。